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Our mission is to help create and nurture strong intercultural connections between the many vibrant cultures in the US through visual and performing arts

About Us

Founded in 2013, Sangam Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides an innovative platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to come together to collaborate and co-create world-class multicultural music and dance performances. Using a wide range of cultural and artistic expressions from Folklorico and Tap to Kathak and Hula, our presentations are carefully curated to that help us see our common humanity while allowing us to celebrate the traits that make us unique.

Our unique approach and reputation for quality programming have helped us gain support grantors and foundations such as Office of Cultural Affairs, City of San Jose, SVCreates and Knight Foundation.

Mosaic America

As our society becomes increasingly diverse culturally, we need a new model of social integration. One that allows people from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds to come together as Americans while retaining our unique cultural identity.  Mosaic America is a grassroots initiative launched by Sangam Arts to help strengthen our rapidly diversifying communities through collaborative, multicultural arts.

By launching local initiatives, like Mosaic Silicon Valley, we help create performances that reflect the unique cultural and artistic makeup of communities.

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6 days ago

Sangam Arts

We got the grant! Many gracious thanks to Applied Materials for supporting our Mosaic Silicon Valley initiative!

Talking about the many different ethnic, racial, religious communities that make up the US as a "melting-pot" assumes that all these communities have blended together. Not only is this an irrelevant way to think about the rich demographic diversity of places like the Bay Area, but it is also a harmful in the way that it assumes that the differences between these communities are unimportant and not valuable.

Thank you to Applied Materials for understanding that we can do better than lumping every single demographic together and calling it a "melting-pot". The many different colors and creeds that surround us everyday is a mosaic pieces from all around the world. #mosaic

#mosaicsiliconvalley #diversity #bayarea #meltingpot?We got the grant! Many thanks to @AppliedMaterialsFoundation for supporting our work strengthening diverse American communities through intercultural arts.

#diversity #mosaicsiliconvalley #mosaicnotmeltingpot #appliedmaterials #grants #siliconvalley #arts #intercultural
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1 month ago

Sangam Arts


Sharing a song from some very talented young artists!

#covidconnected #singers #music #india #wicked #travel #collaboration

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1 month ago

Sangam Arts

Hope to see you at 6pm today for Mosaic Connect! - mailchi.mp/40d2dc7c1651/mosaic-connectspremiere-performance-4052362 ... See MoreSee Less

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“In an area known for the quality and diversity of culturally specific dance performance, Sangam Arts is an important conduit for multicultural understanding through the arts”

Māhealani Uchiyama , Founder & Artistic Director of Center for International Dance
“I have had the fortune of working directly with Sangam Arts and becoming a part of their vision and belief in unifying the world through music, dance, and multicultural art forms. It has been an honor to join in their endeavor towards global awareness and unification through Mosaic America”
Coleen Lorenz, Artistic Director, NewGround Theatre Dance Company
“Many of us attending Spark 2017 got a goose bump in our hearts seeing people that would never cross paths normally, become part of one dance”
Farzad Mobin, audience member at Spark 2017 presented by Mosaic America