“Dancing storyteller”, is how the critics and audience describe Savitha, the Bharathanatyam artist who has virtually constructed a renaissance of the ancient art form. Savitha’s abilities of delivering original story lines with her impeccable artistry and technique have made her a household name in the art world of Bharathanatyam. Her productions have held every viewer captive by helping them clearly understand why Bharathanatyam is one of the crown jewels of Indian Classical Dance.

As a solo dancer, Savitha is a pioneer in using the medium of Bharathanatyam to create new presentations that allow the viewer to be connected with it every step of the way. She is known for enthralling audiences with performances that embody perfection in form and expression, an intelligent fusion that comes from years of rigorous training, dedicated practice, and passion. Savitha’s dance narrates stories authored by her husband and writer AK Srikanth, and this duo has struck a chord with audiences across the world in being able to convey deeply philosophical thought with striking simplicity, elan, and elegance.