Sangam Arts & Guru Shradha Present FEMINA
March 9, 2019
Joe Goode Annex, San Francisco
Experience seven artistic traditions from around the globe in celebration of International Women’s Day. Be inspired by the dynamism of the feminine and the dazzling diversity of our community with performances from the cradle of civilization to the new world. The performance will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A with artists.Charya Burt Cambodian Dance
Charya Burt is an acclaimed master dancer, choreographer, vocalist and teacher of Classical Cambodian Dance. Trained by the foremost surviving dance masters of Cambodia and formerly on the dance faculty of the Royal University of Fine Arts, Charya has performed throughout the United States creating classically inspired dance works that have been presented, among others, at Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, the Getty Museum, and the San Francisco Opera House. Nami Foundation
Cheza Nami provides interactive, educational experiences through dance, music, art, play, language, and African products to encourage the appreciation of African culture by inspiring and educating the American public about Africa’s extensive and unique attributes, regardless of their heritage of origin.

Daybreaker Pro
Mojarra Frita is a Bay Area women’s dance collective dedicated to exploring and celebrating the folk traditions of Colombia. Rehearsing and performing since 2016, our purpose is to share the incredibly rich variety of the rhythms and dances of this land, from the Caribbean cumbia, bullerengue and garabato, to the marimba and arrullos of the Pacific, to the San Juanero, Bambuco and Pasillo from the Andes through the Amazon.

Farima Dance
Farima Berenji is an award-winning, internationally acclaimed dance artist, ethnologist, and choreographer specializing in dances spanning the millenniums of Persian civilization. Discover a sense of inspiration and reverence for what women can achieve today and spread empowerment and respect of women into other areas of life and culture through the company’s performance of the Lioness.

Guru Shradha
Guru Shradha has developed into a premier Odissi institution in North America, providing a near-immersive Odissi experience to its students and the Bay area community. Guru Shradha contributes to and draws inspiration from the beauty of the vibrant cultures that make the Bay Area home or a destination with a unifying belief in the power of the arts to express our shared humanity.

Hai Yan Jackson Chinse Dance
The Hai Yan Jackson Chinese Dance Company was established to promote the development, advancement, and appreciation of Chinese dance and culture. Hai Yan has taught at the Alonzo King LINES Dance Center and Stanford University and has performed and choreographed Classical and Folk Chinese dance styles, ethnic dance, along with adaptations of Ballet and Modern Jazz throughout China and the Bay Area.

Vidhya Subramanian
Vidhya’s performances have stood out as a beacon to discerning audiences. As a teacher and artistic director, her intense involvement has been the reason for the evolution of many students and ensemble works. With a Masters degree in theater arts, she has been involved in theatre and film as another creative outlet to her immense talent.