The Ohlone to welcome community to partake in living traditions, conversational practices, ancestral arts

 SAN JOSE, CA, MARCH 2, 2020 — Mosaic Silicon Valley announced “Hummingbird Circle” today to honor and invite the descendants of the original inhabitants of Silicon Valley, the Native American Ohlone, to share their living traditions. Hummingbird Circle is in partnership with the Confederation of Ohlone People and will take place on April 25th at the historic St. James Park in San Jose.

“There is a sense, aided and abetted by official language and popular belief, not just in Silicon Valley but perhaps worldwide, that the indigenous people belong in the past. However we are here, among the living, as your neighbors, and tenaciously trying to preserve our ancestral customs and way of life. I feel a deep sense of comfort knowing that my community is being facilitated and included in a meaningful way by Mosaic Silicon Valley. The Confederation of Ohlone People is very happy to share our living traditions with our neighbors at this event where everybody is welcome,” says Charlene Eigen-Vasquez of Confederation of Ohlone People.

For several years now, civic, non-profit, and business organizers worldwide have been inviting the indigenous people of their lands to bless events or reading out a Land Acknowledgement, to formally recognize that the land they live on originally belonged to the native people.

“At Mosaic Silicon Valley, we believe we must do more to create spaces and opportunities for our native brethren to share their history, culture and traditions with all of us who live and thrive on the land of their ancestors.  It is our fervent hope that the Hummingbird Circle we launch in April will be embraced by communities and organizations as a powerful way to honor the Ohlone while creating awareness of a living culture”  said Usha Srinivasan, President and co-founder of Mosaic Silicon Valley.

Re-discovering and deliberately adopting practices that are mindful of natural resources has taken on an urgency in the current climate of heightened environmental awareness globally. Besides providing a platform for the Ohlone to share their living traditions with the community at large, Hummingbird Circle is an event that seeks to share the native way of environmental conservation and preservation.

Native American history is mostly set in the context of the missionaries (the victimizers) or of what was lost. It must be reset, to a context where all of us realize and recognize that we have descendants among us who have been reviving the traditions. Ironically, it is time to truly integrate the original people of our land. Hummingbird Circle is Mosaic’s attempt at doing just that,” says Priya Das, Creative Director and co-founder of Mosaic Silicon Valley.

Hummingbird Circle has been funded in part by an X-Factor Grant from SVCreates.  Mosaic Silicon Valley is an initiative of Sangam Arts. For more information about the event and free tickets, please visit:

About the Confederation of Ohlone People  

The Confederation of Ohlone People came into being in 2009. We are a cooperative made up of the descendants of Ohlone people, as well as community advocates. Our common mission is to increase the visibility and interests of present day Ohlone. The Ohlone hold a unique place in the history of the Bay Area and the surrounding counties. Supporters understand that the story of the Ohlone is often buried in history books that mostly exclude Ohlone voices, and experiences. The Ohlone cannot change this paradigm alone, so we invite community members to join us as we strive to share our culture, reeducate community and inspire the healthy environments that are a necessary part of our shared cultures. Today members of the cooperative are involved in the land acknowledgement movement, cultural revitalization, education, leveraging the arts to create visibility and tell the Ohlone story, providing mediation services, and cultural site preservation. For more information email:

About Mosaic Silicon Valley

Mosaic Silicon Valley aims to help create sustainable revenue streams for its artists while bringing innovative multicultural performances to community settings. At any “Mosaic” one can expect to see multiple cultures harmoniously calling and responding to one another. To participate or experience a Mosaic near you, please visit

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