The seventh annual Contemporary Diasporas Performance Festival moves online for 2020, featuring theatrical performances, dance, music, and visual art from artists from around the Bay Area and around the world.

Berkeley, CA, May 28, 2020 – Inferno Theatre in partnership with Mosaic Silicon Valley, an initiative of Sangam Arts is happy to announce the seventh annual Contemporary Diasporas Performance Festival, Diasporas in the Domicile, June 19-20, 2020. For the past six years, Inferno Theatre has presented the multicultural, interdisciplinary performance and arts festival as a natural outgrowth of Inferno’s mission to link cultures and explore human relationships. Historically, this festival has been presented in Berkley featuring performances pieces from diverse cultural roots, all developed in the San Francisco Bay Area.

However, due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, this year’s Contemporary Diasporas Performance Festival will be hosted online. Artists from around the Bay and now, around the world, are submitting works created at home to be streamed on June 19 and 20 at 7 pm. Both nights at 8:30 pm will be a live talkback to give audience members a chance to interact with the artists via video conference.

Also new this year is the partnership between Inferno Theatre and Mosaic Silicon Valley. Both organizations share the same values and goals, namely seeking links and connecting cultures to inform and learn from our common humanity through the arts. Mosaic Silicon Valley produces deliberate, collaborative programming that artistically explores and bridges the histories, traditions, and current art-practices of the various cultures that have made Silicon Valley their home. 

“We live in a gloriously diverse region; however we must continually work towards including each of the communities to create a uniquely American Mosaic. Especially in these demanding times, we must recognize that each of us shelters-in-place, creates art, and engages an audience, to benefit our larger society. It is heartening to work with organizations such as the Inferno Theater that share this belief,” said Usha Srinivasan, President of Sangam Arts.

Giulio Perrone, the founder and Artistic Director of Inferno Theatre created the festival as a showcase for Bay Area artists which grew out of the company’s mission to use art as a vehicle for social change and cultural equity. Perrone presents works that explore links between cultures and the roots of human relationships in space and time; a pinnacle of the Berkeley-based theatre company’s mission.

“I started talking with friends and organizing the festival in January, long before the pandemic fell upon us. By March it was clear that this year we couldn’t do the live version of the festival which was initially scheduled for the end of May,” said Perrone. “Something needed to be done to demonstrate the importance of continuing to make art and telling our stories. This year due to the pandemic, we will continue to celebrate our Diasporas with the same spirit from our own Domiciles. Artists will make and share their art from the Domicile where they have chosen to shelter in place.” 

Viewers can expect to see several different genres of arts together on the same stage/ screen, such as Western Classical Flute, Chinese Pipa, Arabic vocals and instrumental music, original theatrical works, and modern and Indian classical dance.

Diasporas in the Domicile will present ensemble and solo performances, dance, music, and performance art that will tell our stories, reveal our inventions and tackle contemporary issues with gender, race, sex, religion, and the environment. “This year, as always, we welcome the give and take between new and old friends in our community. We will once again commit as artists, follow our hearts, and simply create, create, create,” said Perrone.

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About Sangam Arts
Founded in 2013, Sangam Arts is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides an innovative platform for artists from diverse backgrounds to come together to collaborate and co-create world-class music and dance performances. Using a wide range of cultural and artistic expressions from Folklorico and Tap to Kathak and Hula, our presentations are carefully curated to help us see our common humanity while allowing us to celebrate the traits that make us unique. Sangam Arts unique approach and reputation for quality programming have helped us gain support grantors and foundations such as the Office of Cultural Affairs, City of San Jose, SVCreates and Knight Foundation. For more, visit

About Inferno Theatre
Inferno Theatre was founded on the premise that live theatre that leads to dynamic and positive change in the lives of all who participate in it, whether spectators or performers. The company believes that arts and education are essential parts of everyone’s daily life, that theatre can both transform reality and be an integral part of the cultural and sociological context of society. Inferno supports the centrality of the theatre art form rooted in work, research and collaborative practices that set the artists at the core of the organization; theatre that embraces the complexity and diversity of the human being; theatre that creates community (both physically present and imagined); and theatre that links humans together through a need for one another to complete a shared common interest or vision of the world. For more information, visit

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Diasporas in the Domicile – The seventh-annual Contemporary Diasporas Performance Festival presented by Inferno Theatre, this year in partnership with Mosaic Silicon Valley, an initiative of Sangam Arts.

Berkeley-based Inferno Theatre under the Artistic Direction of Giulio Perrone and Mosaic Silicon Valley/Sangam Arts will feature artists from around the Bay Area and around the world in an online arts and performance festival.

Friday, June 19, 2020 at 7 pm with artist talkback at 8:30 pm
Saturday, June 20, 2020 at 7 pm with artist talkback at 8:30 pm 

There is no charge for this online festival. However, you will still need to reserve your “ticket” to receive the link to watch the streamed festival. Reservations will be capped at 500 people.To reserve your ticket, visit: