Mosaic Silicon Valley Announces Awardees of Second Fellowship Grant Cycle

New intercultural projects to amplify the pursuit to Belong through diverse voices

Jan 4, 2021 – San Jose CA: At the beginning of 2020, Sangam Arts, through it’s Mosaic Silicon Valley initiative, launched a new program geared toward commissioning artists to create collaborative projects that both embodied and furthered the mission of strengthening multicultural American communities (click here for more info). After a successful first cycle, Mosaic Silicon Valley opened a second round of grants that welcomed artists to create works inspired by the 2020 Civil Rights/ Black Lives Matter movement.

Mosaic Silicon Valley has selected two outstanding projects after rigorous review. One will be led by slam poet Venus Jones and the other by educator and drummer Leon Beauchman. These projects, while different, equally celebrate the beauty and uniqueness of diverse cultures that have made America their home, while honing in on the humanity our communities share.

Venus’ project titled R/Evolutional Reactions is a multidisciplinary, spoken-word focused project inspired by the work of playwright Anna Deavere Smith and the Black Lives Matter Movement. With her collaborators, she will use spoken word, music, and dance to share stories of violence and oppression experienced by communities of color, as well as create a mantra that will symbolize resistance and resilience.

Leon’s project titled One People, One Vision, One Voice will interweave the struggle against racism and oppression of Black, Brown, and Native American people. Spoken word, song, and storytelling will be integrated in bringing to life the tribulations and hope of America with an ultimate vision of a united liberation movement that recognizes the One People, One Vision, and One Voice.

These projects are tentatively set to premiere in late spring and/or summer of 2021 and will feature a wide variety of artists from different backgrounds, practices, and genres.