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North Bay Hindu Center in collaboration with Sangam Arts
Shakthi Divine Feminine

An annual festival exploring Indian Cultural Heritage through classical dance and music featuring performances from across the subcontinent by world-renowned artists and emerging talent.



Ganesh Vasudeva, critically acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer, researcher, and choreographer.
Kavita Thirumalai accomplished Bharatanatyam Dancer – ¬†for her, “Dance is a way of life”
Urmila Vudali, Student of Navia Natarajan, Navia Dance Academy. Winner of 2018 Shivam Dance Competition.


Antara Asthaayi Dance pushes and blurs the boundaries of traditional dance through collaborative works of Kathak with other art forms.
Chitresh Das Institute presenting world-class performances of traditional and innovative Indian classical dance and music as well as cross-cultural and cross-genre collaborations.


Guru Shradha contributes to and draws inspiration from the beauty of the vibrant cultures that make the Bay Area home or a destination with a unifying belief in the power of the arts to express our shared humanity.

Hindustani Instrumental by Kamaljeet Ahluwalia [Santoor] and Jas Ahluwalia [Tabla] of Absolute Focus take audiences from meditative introspection to dazzling energy-filled heights.
A fundraiser for the North Bay Hindu Temple Project