Mosaic Connect is a new series of virtual performances designed to highlight our common threads, celebrate our diversity, and bring people together – with no borders. You can expect world class music co-created by Mosaic Fellows and musicians from around the world.

Episode #5- May 25, 2020: Stories that Move

Our next Mosaic Connect episode, Stories that Move, creates an intercultural narrative to highlight how the human experience is common across time and geography. Specifically, it will showcase a single dance-form, BharataNatyam (one of the oldest forms of classical dance in India) juxta-posed with modern ballet in one clip, and Arabic music and melody in the other.

Featured Artists

Hannah Doughri

Hannah Doughri

Episode #4- May 11, 2020: A Nikkei Mother’s Day

In honor of the Japanese Cultural Festivities that have been cancelled during COVID-19, as well as to celebrate Mother’s Day, our latest Mosaic Connect episode presents A Nikkei Mother’s Day performed by Koto Oyako Don, the mother-son Koto duo of Shirley Kazuyo Muramoto and Brian Mitsuhiro Wong. This performance will also feature cameos by ShenShen Zhang (pipa), Haruka Fujii (percussion), and Ray Furuta (flute).

Featured Artists

Cameo Artists

Episode #3- Apr 27, 2020: “Poets-in-Place”

April is Poetry Month. Even as the virus that “binds us, but holds us apart” forces us all to shelter in place and experience an unfamiliar quietude, our brilliant Mosaic Fellow Poets have been creating new works. Join us for a reading of their COVID-19 inspired creations and insights on how their upbringing, cultural roots and lived experiences are reflected in their poems.

Featured Artists

Episode #2- Apr 13, 2020: RaasLorico

For this episode, we go back in time to our very first Mosaic event: Mosaic America. In this online broadcast, you’ll watch Xpressions and Ensamble Folclórico Colibrí come together, combining their Raas and Folklorio influences in a performance that highlights our common threads, celebrates our diversity, and brings people together – with no borders.

Featured Artists

Arturo Magaña

Srividya Eashwar

Episode #1- Mar, 30, 2020: USA, Mexico City, Lebanon

Our first episode, on Monday, March 30th at 12:00 pm PT, brings together past Mosaic Silicon Valley Artists and Artist-Member of Common Sounds: Ray Furuta from Santa Clara, Vico Diaz from Mexico City, and Amr Selim from Beirut, to perform Vico Diaz’s original work, Vibora del Cascabel inspired by the traditional Mexican song El Cascabel.

Featured Artists

Complete list of Artists


  • Vico Diaz (Leona Bass/Composer)
  • Jacinto “Xinto” Stephens (Requinto)
  • Miguel Cruz (Percussion)
  • Rita Donte (Zapateado)


  • Amr Selim (French Horn)


  • Ray (Flute)