The Mosaic Fellows Program

The Mosaic Fellows Program acknowledges and celebrates artists who have not only distinguished themselves through technical excellence and creativity, but have demonstrated their commitment to building bridges across cultures, genres, and geographies. By creating the Fellowship, we hope to lend recognition and power to artists who possess a particular blend of instinct and talent: that of building community while being ambassadors of their art. We rely on our Fellows to foster Mosaic Silicon Valley’s mission of strengthening our rapidly diversifying communities through the arts.

(If you believe this describes you, please write us at info[at] for more information on this invitation-only program.)

Mosaic Fellows

Antara Bhardwaj
(Dance: North Indian Kathak)

Arjun Verma
(Music: Sitar)

Arturo Magaña
(Dance: Folklorico)

Charya Burt
(Dance: Cambodian)

Coleen Lorenz
(Dance: Western Contemporary)

David McLean
(Music: Spanish Guitar)

Demone Carter
(Music: Hip Hop, Poet)

Fanny Ara
(Dance: Flamenco)

Jimmy Biala
(Music: Percussion)

Lee Dynes
(Music: Oud, Guitar)

Leon Beauchman
(African Drumming & Dance, Spoken Word)

Lisa Rosenberg

Maria Basile
(Dance: Ballet, Contemporary)

Navia Natajaran
(Dance: Bharatanatyam)

Niharika Mohanty
(Dance: Odissi)

PC Munoz
(Poet & Musician)

Prasad Bhandarkar
(Music: Bansuri)

Ray Furuta
(Music: Flute)

Robert Howard
(Music: Cello)

ShenShen Zhang
(Music: Pipa)

Shikha Malaviya

Srividya Eashwar
(Dance: Indian Folk)

(Music: Vietnamese Zither)

Venus Jones

(Dance: Flamenco)

Yangyang Lyon
(Dance: Chinese Classical)

Yei Tochtli Mitlalpilli
(Aztec Dance)

Yuko Tamura Biala
(Dance: Samba )